Testing. Nook Rooted.

Well the idea of the nook touch is hardly new, and I'm still very much feeling my way but so far it's actually going nice. NookManager haa made it stupidly easy to get a functional rooted enviroment going, and somebody else at xda wrote an addon that you dump in the card after writing the disk image to give you acccess to google apps. This is good because while manager includes amazon market I couldn't make it do anything even with free apps. What am I doing with my nook now that it's Rooted? Read. Haven't found a good ppdf appp yet but coolreader is nice. Using BlogIt to write this post since Google's own blogger app falls flat on keeping up with text scroll. Pity but what're you gonna do? Right now looking for a notepad app. Not a full blown word processor, just something I can save to. txt and transfer to my laptop later since I carry this thing more places, and sitting out on the por while working on setting material is kindof nice. 'But why not handwrite It?' Mostly because my writing never advanced past second grade block letters and even compared to thumb typing it's rather slow. As for Useabiility? iPad killer this ain't. You can browse the web but everything fels slowed down and it's greyscale. Good for email, light forum work, or looking up something Right Now, but it's limitedd so keep the e-ink scren in mind. Oh and nook manager has a nice backup tool I recommend you use before roting. Saved my entire library. I unrooted to test and it put me even at the last page I left off on. Makes this less nerve wracking when you have a nice undo button. - Sent from my nook touch using BlogIt.

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