Engine Heart Papercraft

Not a big post but I figured I'd share since as of right now you have to go to /tg/ to find these. Anyone that goes to Viral's Site can find a papercraft thing of Cutebot (the engine heart mascot.) However googling 'engine heart papercraft' pops up images of these guys. Trouble is it's less obvious on where to find the instructions on making them.

Unfortunately I haven't yet found the little floor buffer tank thing but Jonny 5's fat cousin and clawbot I'd found. As with the Lights and power PDF from my first Engine Heart post I've uploaded these to my google drive since i don't trust the source site to not either pull them or replace them. As soon as I find floor buffer tank I'll upload it too.

As far as I've seen all of these are made by Jim Bowen and I'd like to thank him for the effort in making these. They look very good.
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