First Thoughts on Google Plus's New Look

Sorry just a bit of an opinion thing. Google plus just did a few changes. Some I like. Others not so much.

The Good
The bar on the left with Home, Games, Communities, Etc is now by default collapsed into the top grey bar of Google+. This is good. The fact this bar is now scrollable? Even better.
However It's only been five minutes for me and it just caught me off guard. No warnings no announcements or emails. Just Ding. New Layout.

The Chat Bar, now renamed 'Hangouts' similarly collapses into the top grey bar when not needed. This is very pleasing to my sensibilities since I hardly use the feature so minimizing means less clutter.

The Bad
So far, and please take this wit ha grain of salt, I haven't seen the pop out bubbles or things like when a community updates or to select pages from your home stream. Instead it seems you have to click Community button or Pages button. OK fine that's a whole added click but I liked being able to check these thigns without leaving my stream.

I'm not a huge fan on the two post wide post layout. It adds more clutter instead of presenting information. Granted you have a whole lot of white space and now you need to do something with it but i"m left feeling confused.

I"m notcing some interface sluggishness on my cr48. Yes yes it's an underpowered machine and was only ever meant as a testbed for chromeOS, but right now I'm running windows on it (windows runs quite fine thank you for asking,) and it's feeling kindof 'chunky'. Maybe that will pass when everything gets cached instead of needing to get called up. Maybe not but for now I'm putting that as a minus.

Yes they're competing with facebook, and I'm pretty sure the new interface will just be shrugged at and people move on, but I'd like a little notice that these things are coming. Maybe i just didn't get the memo or something. The feeling of lag worries me most. I don't want Google to forget not everyone has the latest and brand new in computing. Lots of people, me included, are probably dealing with dated machines because that's all they could afford.

We'll see won't we? I'm just sad there's no way of changing any of the layout settings. Minimizing un-needed elements is kindof nice though. Glad they did that.
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