First Thoughts on Penny Arcade 3

While I can't really comment on the story, because it does not yet make sense to me, the rest of the game is pretty great.

The inter-character banter is amusing, there's a Colosseum to fight things in, the classes are varied and unique (seriously, turning into a dinosaur? Gardening.. .FEAR THE TUBE!)

Oh yea. There's twelve classes. You get half after a starter dungeon. The other half later on and you can equip two to a character after getting the second half. All classes level up no matter which are equipped and it's only the job class that matters not character level (because there arn't any... well there is, sortof since each character has their own unique job that ca't be unequipped/changed around.)

The graphics are quite well done, the equipment progression feels solid so far. I mean I've only had this game for a few hours but I ended up downloading, lost track of time, and was up til stupid o'clock trying to figure out which job combo would give me an edge in the arena (turns out I was either Doing it Wrong or underleveled for the things I was trying to murder.)

Do I recommend? This game is by the same guys that gave us Cthuhlu Saves the World and the penny Arcade guys. Do I recommend?

YES! Buy It! Plus c'mon. It's cheap. Great Graphics. If you're into J-RPGs at all give it a spin. It'll be a good intro to the last game in the series when it comes out here in a couple weeks.

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