Hands On System Shock 2 for Steam (Post Fix)

Valve was so flooded by the number of complaints at System Shock 2 being broken, that last week they released a patch to address the core problems. By that I mean User Kolya from SystemShock.org went to the trouble of making a fixed image, sent it over to NightDive, and we're just now getting said fix.

As a gesture of good will, and probably in hopes of drawing new customers, Valve gave SystemShock.org fifty free Steam keys for the game. Given I'm on windows again I'd sent in, got lucky enough to get one before they got given out (really I don't know if they're gone or not but since first come first serve better make it snappy if you want Free Stuff.)

I'd written a thing in the past going on about how the steam version wasn't mod friendly. That has now changed. Now you drop things in /ss2/datapermmods/ and it's good. Now on startup Steam asks you if you want to run the original game or fan missions, and if you don't have a folder set up it'll set one up for you.

Here's a few things to keep in mind.
Mods go into Steam\SteamApps\common\SS2\DataPermMods. NOT the main folder for SS2. That is where many people bork things over.

Fan Missions go in the FM folder (by default its ss2\FMs\.) Inside that directory you have to make folders for each fan mission. For Example I want to install Ponterbee Station. I download it, unzip it into either the FM folder and move it, or make a folder 'ponterbee' in this case, and unzip into that. From that point start game tell it you want to run a fan mission and select what you want.

I've got ADaoB, SHTUP, 400, Rebirth, Virts new plants, new explosions, new blood splat effects. It all works.

I would thank Night Dive, but let's be real here. The actual Tech Ninjas are Kolya, Voodoo, Rocketman, and Zylonbane along with others that've helped point out errors, make suggestions, and make their own content for no pay and the only reward being an obscure community for an old game that at the time had been out of print for years with no sign or sight of ever seeing re-release.

Go to SystemShock.org and thank them if you wish to thank anyone. Them and Le Corbeau. They deserve the praise here. OK Fine. NightDive deserves praise for unsnarling the legal problems with Star Insurance, but NightDive needs to be held accountable for using fan content without crediting and even trying to pass it off as their own work.

So now i'ts for sale on GoG, Steam, and Gamers Gate for like Ten Bucks. Should you buy? I'd say yes but I"m a fan. I mean it's only ten bucks. If you have it to spare give it a whirl.
Star Insurance needs to give Amazon the Go-Ahead for fan-fic rights.

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