Just found out NeoToonami's shut down

Site's still up. Has a nice inspirational video on it but the stream's dead. I'd been kinda preoccupied with
other things to even notice and I only found out a couple weeks after thanks to looking at search strings that lead here. Those guys made something rad, and in the end technical issues ganked 'em. It ran for a little over six months. Was in the planning stages for Years. It came about when there was no Toonami and came back only after Toonami itself did and shifted it's focus to air things in times Toonami would not.

This was fan effort at honoring something they felt was worth preserving. These people. They deserve praise for the effort they made and how hard they worked. The last post can be found here. What have i to say? All of you that worked on this. Every modeler, artist and even the followers that only occasionally bounced ideas around. All of them deserve recognition. NeoToonami was an experiment and tribute. I'm glad I got to see it.

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