Let's Play Ponterbee Station on Steam

I have System Shock 2. I have Windows, and i have Fraps. Even though I only have a netbook with a small harddrive i can still record footage even if that is at the lowest resolution and still take a bit of a performance hit.

First attempt didn't go so well since for whatever reason audio didn't record:

Did this to show off proof that the steam version of System Shock 2 can now, without any third party tools, run fan-missions and mods no problem.

Installed SHTUP, ADaoB, 400, Virt's water, Improved Explosions, Improved Blood Splatter.

Originally created by Christine:

Audio is a mix version of Daft Punk's Aerodynamic and can be found here:

After a few hours of mucking around I finally figured out the problem. Odd as it may seem Fraps won't record audio if headphones are plugged in, but will if sound goes through the main speakers. Ah well. Let's try this again.

Same Mods as before. Dropped the resolution to 640x480 and increased it ot 30fps. Upload was delayed because i tried splicing this and the next videos together and windows movie maker kept spazzing out. Might have to do with the fact my hardware is Failtacular for this kind of work.

This was supposed to go with the video above, but yea it kinda didn't want to happen.

Current plans are to have updates as i can, but not just straight 'me playing the game.' I'll pick a spot to start fro, run through so I know where to go and it's not ten minutes of aimless wandering, then go back and record a more direct rout. That's the plan anyway.

Why you ask? It's not like I'm anywhere near the first playing through Ponterbee. However I wanted to show that Yes the Steam version will run mods and fan missions just fine now. On top of that you can launch the steam version of SS2 without having to launch steam. So there's that going for it. Yay.

Unrelated I suppose but there's work being done on more fan missions, which is great since it's been three months since this got out of legal limbo and seven months since the newdark patch that ended up making game and editor far more stable.
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