My Thoughts on Windows Blue

Not  a lot of people like windows 8. I mean I can get the reasons for the complaining but Microsoft's been going on about what windows 'blue' will or won't have. I say either go out and spell it or shut up and let the release speak for itself.

For those that don't know Windows 'Blue' is a bugfix release for Windows 8. Think Service Pack, though I don't know if current users will get access or just the OEMs and Businesses.

While I don't like Metro for desktop I like the idea of metro being there as an option in case you want to turn the box into a media center or presentation box. Kindof like how valve has it's alternate display for steam you're supposed to use with TV's.

It's just when you have twenty years of roughly the same interface baked into user expectations suddenly booting into a whole new thing is going to cause a lot of hate. Not even letting people have the option to switch what they want as their default booting into environment is also going to generate hate.

Do I think windows 8 is unsalvagable? No. From what i've read, poked around on with diffrent machines it's actually a step forward in the underpinnings. it's just the interface and company attitude that it's the users fault wasn't winning points.

It's kindof a shame they didn't hire the guys from XBMC to design a UI. Then again they might have and it was bogged down in legal snafu and unreasonable demands on both sides. Who Knows.

Here we go again...
However 8.1/Blue/whatever you want to call it is probably going to do the same for 8 what SP1 did for Vista, get rid of the worst user complaints and turn a hard to use annoying OS into something that'll be liveable till the next odd numbered windows release... Unless this counts as the odd number release.

Anyone here remember windows 3.0? Was kindof treated as Meh. Windows 3.1 added So Much Stuff, including networking, that just turned an otherwise Meh into Must Have. Hoping that's what happens here. Now if only we could get Microsoft to take an about face on secure boot and them wanting blood money to allow you to install something else on the hardware you bought we'd be in business.
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