I'm a fan of the Phantasy Star series. At this point I don't know why though since historically Sega has given little if any support for anybody not blessed to be born and live in Japan and even go so far as to blame the fans themselves for not rolling out content in step with the land of the rising sun and moonspeak.

That's OK though. Fine. We were promised a worldwide release 'first quarter of 2012.' Yea I hope nobody held their breath for that. There's a lot of good content here. Going into the Falz mythos, nods to the older games, character customization, bling, friends of mine play this game. It's Free (legally free!.) It's just not in English. What's a guy to do?

Fortunately there's a fan patch out that translates everything that can be translated (as far as I'm aware items aren't translated because serverside so you get 'the pink thing', 'yellow thing', 'that one weird looking sword', 'the spear that looks like a demented neon glowlight sex toy,' etc.)

Look. Sega actually owned up to several big mistakes in the past, specifically some kind of snarl involving international payments for items going all wonky and they haven't sorted it out and i"m not sure when/if that'll change. On the up side Sega hasn't shut the server down to international traffic so that's a good thing. I mean you can play and with the patch linked to you can follow along with the story (which you sort of need to know wha'ts going on to actually enjoy the game.) I've got nothing but respect for the actual people working on the content because from what I've seen they just want to make a good product and I have to say from what I've seen on Youtube they have succeeded wonderfully.

It's just.... Lot of bitterness at the franchise hosing people not from the islands in one form or another. I want to see this do well. I want to see it get a proper international release. I want it to start kicking all sorts of ass because it's different enough to be noteworthy and yet has enough history and a dedicated fanbase to help spread around all the awesome potential there. Yet it's been a year since we were promised a 'proper' international version and... Nothing.

I know just enough about the whole Private Server v Mophead v Whatever that random googling has pointed as reasons Sega ended up dropping official international support but for me it's an instance of 'I see company that has blamed it's fans for what looks like mismanagement and or not enough employees actively on as helpstaff' to get mad but not enough details to properly form a solution.

Every game has cheaters. Every MMO has gold farmers, loot whoring, and all the sort of 'fun' you get when people pay hundreds of people pennies an hour to do repetitive tasks to gouge people on craigslist or ebay or private scam sites to sell them in game items for real world money. It's horrible and stupidly detrimental but It Happens.

I'm just sorry that this franchise seems to constantly get the crap beaten out of it.

Look at the post title. You'd think I'm someone that thinks Japan has a supirriority complex going on. Nah. I'm just bitter and tired. Anyone's welcome to join in the fun. You don't have ot hide cowering behind a VPN or proxy server hoping your blatantly non-japanese IP won't get you booted. It's just been put on the fan's backs to get things translated and covered. It perplexes and frustrates me.

Look at PSO's history.
PSO: You had symbol chat and the ability to have chatbinds to have stock phrases pop up so you don't have as many language barriers.

PSU Had a more expressive emoting system
PS0 (zero) gave us handheld users some of the same fun and an interesting (albeit gimmicky) way to draw and save stuff we want tossed out at our friends/party in game along with the stock phrases and whatnot.

Historically the franchise has gone pretty good at being inclusive and helpful for people to game together in spite of differing languages. I remember a lot of work some people in PSO would put into symbol chat characters. Yes a lot of these were offensive, but still took a long time to create... and if someone created something for symbol chat you could then save it for your own use. Unintended uses for a communication tool.

I like that sort of innovation.

So? Why PSO2? Why when you have to grab a fan patch that doesn't cover the items?

Dynamic. Active. It's not 'stand around and occasionally tap spell buttons. IT's 'run around and try not to die while occasionally getting hits off. This is gameplay I can get behind.

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