The Sammy and Amy Meltdown Sandwich of Doom

Gordon Ramsay; British Chef, Host of several TV shows both in the UK and in the United States, and seen by many people stateside as an overly abrasive callous person who's TV persona is riding on the popularity of the Asshole Brit stereotype used by Simon and that show from Weakest Link.

One of these shows, Kitchen Nightmares, has Chef Ramsay attempting to work with a failing restaurant, Amy's Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro, and it went poorly. I'm not meaning 'the show ended with them immediately changing out from what Ramsay suggested back to how they were doing', or even 'the whole time the film crew was there these people were combative.'

No what i"m talking about is the sort of thing that you would have to think was scripted specifically for TV. Reasonable thought given how over the top the episode seems to paint both Amy and Sammy's antics. It's a reasonable thought that it's just a couple people going 'hey if we ham it up we can then 'flip' the scenario and use the fame, no matter how bad, to get more business since no publicity is bad publicity.'

Trouble there is it's actually stated in the episode the place had been open since 06 and had gotten pretty bad reviews, especially on Yelp. Granted during the Episode Ramsay said he liked their disserts, but shots shown do not point at their kitchen being capable of baked goods (other than pizza obviously.) A Reddit AMA from an employee that left three days after shooting says Mrs. Amy  buys her desserts and repackages them as her own. Sour Grapes you may say? Well there's a whole lot of sourness going around since they've had a high employee turnover rate.

Don't believe me? Here's the whole episode up on youtube for you to view and judge on your own:

I suggest not viewing that at work.

Right. That over with I have this as my personal commentary. Based purely on what is shown, and i must stress that as I live nowhere near there. Based just on this episode, the AMA I'd linked to earlier, as well as a bit of this and that from their facebook page.... Amy has something wrong with her. I don't mean that to be spiteful hateful or just to throw empty obscenities out. This woman has severe problems that have either only recently developed or progressively gotten worse since I can't see, again based off of what was shown, how they could have stayed in business for six years behaving like they did on camera

I wish I could think of something kinder to say, as I'm all for local businesses owned by people chasing after a dream. However the only alternative I can think of is it being a giant stunt for ratings I want to believe that's the case because then it'd be pure stupidity at play instead of Crazy at work but I can't buy it being faked.

As for rumors and theories that these people are money laundering and that's how they're staying open in spite of mismanagement  I'm not sure. On the one hand why would they invite Ramsay to their kitchen if they had things to hide? On the other. Hide in plain sight and keep the cameras away from the register and they won't have any reason to look.

In closing. Sammy needs to stop taking tips from his food servers. Doesn't matter what their pay is that's, as far as I'm aware, illegal and even if not it's very very scummy. Amy just needs to get help, get medicated, get with a therapy group and hire someone else to cook while she tries to take time off to see what her role in the place should be. I'm not saying she should give up. If that's your dream then chase it. Just be aware as is you're in with some pretty severe problems that need addressing.

Oh and whoever on facebook suggested they start serving a 'Sammy and Amy Meltdown' grilled cheese sandwich? That'd be a great idea. Show there's a little humor and you can take a joke ad what hopefully is an experience that can be put in the past and laughed at.
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