Things to keep in mind if you got the Steam copy of System Shock 2

For the time being Steam's version of System Shock out of the box/freshly installed does not work with all mods. Unfortunately this also means Christine's Missions won't work. That is almost an even bigger shame than not having the community patchjob on the game since Christine's design is solid, her mission sets are incredibly fun to play, and they are the closest we'll likely get to a sequel.

Even with ADaoB probably broke without performing a bit of a hotfix you can still improve the looks of your game. This alone I see as worth doing since while System Shock is a good play worth your time it is sadly not aged well.

Granted as soon as you get the hotfix applied you should be good to apply everything I'd mentioned in the Game Inquirer rundown of Post-first-playthrough things you can do. So as bad as NightDive messing things up is, and it is bad, it's recoverable.

Kudos to Voodoo, ZylonBane, Kolya, and all for their hard work. They're the heroes here working for years not just on keeping this game playable on modern systems but actually making improvements to the visuals, gameplay, and going through trying to squash bugs. Longtimers aside, the biggest round of credit goes through to a user known only as Le Corbeau. Nobody knows who this person is, or even if it's just one person instead of a collective posting under that name.

This Raven is the reason we have the 2.4 patch (and the more recent 2.42 patch.) The original post was on an obscure french forum rather than either the TTLG or boards and this 'new dark' patch made a lot of prior efforts at shoehorning a decade old game into running on modern systems un-needed, added fixes and inproved stability for ShockEd (and ThiefEd since the patch also included something to improve Thief... given they run on the same engine it makes sense.) Nobody knows who this person/collective/whoever is. Lots of speculation that they might be Looking Glass employees that had the source. Others say it's just some crazy that got hold of the partial source dump from the dreamcast version and started working it over. Whoever Le Corbeau is. Thank you.

There is more coming though. As good as the ADaoB patch is there's dozens if not hundreds of little things it doesn't do. The Community Patch coming down the pipes as soon as Zylon and others feel it's sufficiently bug free to release is going to be the culmination of a lot of fan dedication, sweat, tears, and lots and lots of hours of dedication to a game that the community didn't want to see fade into just some obscure great grandfather nobody could actually make work but 'everyone' seems to hold in high regard.
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