Windows Inside!

I know... Trust Me I know. Installing Windows XP on something with an SSD isn't exactly a great thing to do since XP was released before SSD's were even a thing and SP3 doesn't change that. However I've given windows 7 a spin and find it to be wanting in usability (Translation: Slow and Annoyingly bloated.) Thanks to some drivers I'd been able to get everything but the built in 3g radio (which I never use) working.

That, however, does not answer an important question: Just how Usable Is it? Keep in mind all of this is subjective so there may well be the 'new shiny thing' response in play.

The Windows Drivers for the GMA 3150 seem to actually perform better than Linux. Granted it's not going to be much of an improvement because it's still integrated intel graphics, but there's little things going on like transparency effects in google+, a slight highlight wherever the mouse is and a couple other things. What games I've tested point at roughly the same performance except for Minecraft, which runs better in windows even without optifine than in linux. I dunno maybe i'd just installed java wrong or something there.

Steam is actually usable  Not that it wasn't, strictly speaking, before. It's just I couldn't get terriana, Cthulu Saves the World, and a few other things to work under linux and they won't even show up under the linux client due to not being native linux games. Deus Ex runs as good under Windows as it did under linux with Wine running. Ditto for System Shock 2 (have yet to get the '2d elements occasionally show up as texturless white rectangles' bug but I'm not calling that one fixed since I've gone hours between bouts of that little problem before.

Foxit Reader for windows runs a lot better than it's linux counterpart and has no advertisements cluttering things up. Look Foxit is a good bit of software but the windows version is better. Sorry.

Youtube and day to day browsing seem to be about the same, but that seems mostly because I'm using Chrome on all platforms and Google has gone to a lot of trouble making sure everything has roughly the same experience where possible.

Unfortunately the touchpad drivers from the bundle I'd gotten does not give me a clear way to do two finger right click or two finger scrolling, which is annoying, and would make this a deal breaker if I didn't have an external mouse since while there is a hardware right click button it seems getting to it and keeping mouse on the thing you want to right click is the next thing to impossible. This also brings forward the fact my laptop only has One usb port, so hot-swapping between usb stick, mouse, gamepad, and so forth is less than ideal. In fact it's really aggravating.

One odd thing to note is even though I'd gotten the entire harddrive wiped through windows installer it seems I should have used an external tool or something I hadn't seen while working on that because it lists the USB Port and any drive plugged into it as Drive C, the SD card reader as drive D, and the internal drive as Drive E. Wierd and Annoying but from a useability standpoint doens't impact day to day.

Perhaps I'm an odd duck. In fact I've been called Odd/Strange/Wierd/etc often enough to believe it, but the thing i missed most about windows was MS Paint.
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