Apologies for the Silence

I've been gearing up, both in way of preparing notes and going over concepts, and mentally for Camp Nanowrimo. Last few 'write big huge block of text in a month' attempts have sortof fallen through due to apathy or being busy with moving, or the whole thing falling apart around week two.

Other years I've managed to start late and just go full tilt to victory (by an inch or a mile win is win.) And then there's that one year I managed to do the whole thing in two weeks and spent the rest of the month more or less mentally exhausted.

This year I'm trying to take donations to go towards keeping NaNoWriMo and the Office of Letters and Light running and able to keep doing the things they do. Which is why I've got a stayclassy page. I don't quite know why I'm doing this since I'm not, judging by the numbers, that visible so chances of getting any bites is going to be iffy at best. Maybe it's just because i haven't done it before. If it works it works. If not I gave it a try.

On to Robots; My Robot Nation looks like a good place to have minies printed out if you want physical models for your engine heart setting. Granted it's like $20 a pop but still high degree of customization and you can dictate colors. I call that worth looking at if you have the money. I don't and haven't given them business because of that but it seems interesting to have as a resource.

I bring that up because next month's noveling is going to involve robots/robotics in a simi-comical/simi-serious setting. Why not right?
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