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A little over a month ago I'd made a post explaining why I switched my CR48 to windows. Why? Well thanks to how old windows XP is even with SP3 installed it isn't exactly solid-state-drive friendly. Even with suggested tweaks it was crash and lock-happy even under what would be considered 'light' duty (browsing the web with maybe three or four tabs up,) or gaming or... because it's thursday and my shirt's yellow.

That it ran at all is more due to the fact I could dig up appropriate drivers than anything else. So I went OS hopping (again.) This probably isn't healthy for my drive. I mean I went and installed how many different things over the past couple years? Ubuntu, back to chrome, back to ubuntu, to mint, to peppermint 2, to chromeOS again, peppermint 3, Ubuntu, ARch, cruncvhbang, vector linux 6, back to ubuntu, Debian a couple times, Mint, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, and then back to Ubuntu.

When I say 'ubuntu' I tend to mean the lxde flavor Lubuntu, however eh. Not always I mean I've tried the other heavier flavors just to see what gives. I don't like unity that much but that seems to be the direction canonical is going so luck to 'em. Mint is... I'm sorry but I can't use Mint anymore since both cinnimon and mate are both incredibly heavy, or at least neither seems to work terribly well on my box.

So where's that leave me? Oh wait Peppermint Linux just came out with a new version. Version 4 updat3ed to Ubuntu 13.04 as it's base, uses LXDE, and overal is a pleasent experiance aside from a couple quirks. Sure the argument could be made that 'well why not just use lubuntu then?'

Well. At least on my bocx Peppermint boots quicker, performance is a bit snappier, transparencies aren't broken, and the install enviroment is a gig slimmer. Not much sure but when you've only got a sixteen gig drive every bit of space helps.

Unfortunately it has the same problem every variant of linux seems to have lately. Wifi will connect, but it'll take anywhere from a few seconds to a half hour before it'll go from 'connected' to 'actually able to ping google and get on the internet.' Windows does not do that. I load windows up and boom soon as connection is established I'm good.

Trouble is it's still a netbook so while GIMP is pretty awesome I couldn't even get the back cover of my book done without it going HURK and dead. Then again trying to edit a 5.5x9 image at 300dpi with a LOT of text I'm wanting to format is very taxing. Ah well. More concerned about the fact the makers of Penny Arcade 4 won't be porting to linux and even though System Shcck 2 does run under wine there is a noticable hit to performance and forget about making recordings. Yea. My Let's Play series is on hold til I figure something else out. Sorry.

Peppermint bills itself as a 'hybrid' OS. This means it aims to center on cloud applications, but if you want you can install anything from the ubuntu repositories, or anything from anywhere else that says will work with ubuntu. Given the recent fluff ups with Google, the NSA, Privacy concerns and all this is good. Plus they've stopped defaulting to google search with Chromium and instead went with DuckDuckGo. I like them so far.

Plus this is letting me use a laptop we've had for a few months that has no internal drive as something of a dvd player and web terminal downstairs. Handy that.
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