Camp NaNoWriMo2013

What is all this?

Ever heard of NaNoWriMo? Write fifty thousand words in a month.Wait how much is that in relateable terms? Well according to our buddies at Google that depends on the size of the page. 50 000 words in a pocketbook format is closer to 200 pages. See below. Another popular size of paperback is the 5.5 x 8.5 and in this format, the page count for 50 000 words (given standard margins and 11pt font size) would be approximately 160 pages.

Page count - Word count

100 pages - 25,000 words
200 pages - 50,000 words
300 pages - 75,000 words
400 pages - 100,000 words
500 pages - 125,000 words

The terrible thing is people do this routinely. There's even a challenge to hit the hundred thousand word mark and there's a few hundred people that can go over even that into the two hundred thousand word mark. Let that sink in a moment or three. That's a lot of pages of text. Sure most of it gets edited out because padding and filler and not erasing anything, but we're aiming for getting words on page instead of everything has to be perfect when it gets there.

You only get one month to do that in and your only reward is a sense of accomplishment, some graphics, a printable thing... and occasionally perks awarded by companies that realize a huge crowd of writers represent a possible customer base so offer deals and discounts.

Hang on a tick isn't NaNoWriMo only in November?

Sure, but there's also something in July so people that either lack the confidence or motivation to do so otherwise has a chance at writing something else they want. The 'rules' are a little more lax and the grab bag o swag isn't as plush but it's all about the community isn't it? A group of people writing away at whatever and using eachother for support, dares, references, and in general just seeing who can out-do who.

Think of it like summer camp (since that's the theme) you don't have to go anywhere for and you don't have to pack bug spray. You can set your own target wordcount (like say if you feel you can only do twenty five thousand words or if you wanna shoot for sixty.) You can do that.

Now that that's out of the way what's your project?

It's based off a little thing called Engine Heart. Wait what's that you ask? Anyone remember WALL-E? You know that loveable trash compactor that fell in love with a bot with an overpowered plasma cannon? For those of us nerds out there that like our games of pretend to include stats and rules and structure so everything is in theory fair ever wanted to play in that post-human world as all the little helper bots, AI, animals, and such left behind?

Viral made this thing back in 2010 and recently finished with a kickstarter letting him sell print copies in game-stores around the country. However he's also giving the pdf version away under a creative commons (attribute noncommercial) license. That means so long as you aren't intending on making profit and you credit him you can do as you like; share, remix, incorporate into other things. He doesn't care.

My part in this is simple.
Working Title: Mars Needs Sprockets
Synopsis: Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.
- War of the Worlds, H. G. Wells

That line was first written to describe otherworldly conquerers bent on enslaving and consuming humanity. Nevermind Humanity has long since vanished in some war or other and the minds that now turn to our planet originally came from here; now, as then, that line holds true

We have Resources Mars needs; Manufacturing, Parts, Labor. They care not for the day to day struggles of the machines left to try scratching out a living. Their plans are beyond such small concerns and they will not be denied.

All that stands in there way is a trio of ambassadors sent from Mars in an earlier time, before the Machines there grew restless and Warlike. These three are really all that stand between Martian Conquest of the remains of Post-Human Earth and the scattered broken fiefdoms of AI controlled territory that are only just now pulling themselves out of the mire.

Who Will Win? Who Should win?

Man that sucks

Can't say I'm happy the idea isn't liked but if you don't that's fine. You're free to write something you want. Anything and everything is fair game whether you base it off whateverer shows you like, or want to write a biography or... anything so long as you write. That's the best part about all this. If you don't wanna go things in a traditional way that's alright. Wanna make a story out of tweets? Do it. Blog posts? Go right at it! There is no right or wrong way to do this so long as you put pen to paper (or keys to word processor) and Go.

Here's the Pitch

Camp NaNoWriMo is run for free by a nonprofit called the Office of Letters and Light.

Your donation will help fund the Young Writers Program and the Come Write In program for libraries and independent bookstores. As part of this community of inspired writers, I know that encouraging people of every stripe to tell their stories will help build a more engaged, diverse, and inspiring world. With your help, we can make sure the unvoiced stories in classrooms, libraries, and communities all across the world get told.

I don't make money off this. None of your donation money goes to me. Writing usually takes more work than a full time job just to make what amounts to minimum wage. Here? I'm getting Zero out of this except a novel I'm going to give away when I get done editing.

The chaos starts July 1st and goes through the whole month. Plenty of time to sign up, look through the forums, do any sort of pre-noveling prep you wanna do (or not if you wanna do a seat of your pants approach.) Everyone has a story in them. You might not think it's a good one. Most of the world might not think it's a good one. However it's there and you'll feel better for having written it.

It doesn't matter if anyone else feels like your story is worth telling. What matters is you find that story you have and tell it.

What will I do if you drop money in the bucket?

Well the basics of 'getting started' is more or less outlined but it's a story about travel and conflict. There's plenty of chances to get your name, or name of your choice, in print.
A few ground rules:
Nothing obscene or overly sexual
I can't name a robot 'the cokebottle express' or 'I hate BMW'. Overuse of real-world brands could be problimatic.

Donation:      What You'll Get.
$ 5                 An Advertisement or one scene character named however you want.

$ 10               A Town named however you want or have a minor character do things you suggest.

$ 20               You get to help design and dictate the purposes of one of the martian made antagonist robots. Note: The martian antagonist 'bots are made for materials collection rather than as an outright invasion army. With that said there's plenty of reason why Mars would give these things weapons.

$ 50                Input into the overal plot (such as do they go through the scary obvious trap of a town instead of go around?) Note: Exact details subject to what other donors have put forward so please try to leave wiggle room in case i get incompatible concepts.

When will this get finished

Camp NaNoWriMo ends July 31st, but since that's just the rough writing and lots of editing wil lneed doing I'll have to spend the whole of the month after picking thorugh the common mistakes (mis-spellings, grammar errors, entire plotlines that aren't resolved or make no sense. Things like that.)

When will I get to see the book you're supposed to be working on?

Aiming for First Week of September if you want an electronic version through smashwords (free of charge.) Hard copy is at this point seem unlikely as i don't know enough of what goes into the Catylist Bookstore reward gained at the $250 level. If that changes I will let anyone who's given money know. However e-books will be avalible to all, you'll get a link to smashwords for free downloads in one of a number of formats (PDF, Mobi, epub, rtf, doc, and text.)

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