Google, Prism, and my New Shiny Tinfoil Hat

Let me get this straight. The NSA can snoop into Google, Facebook, and Microsoft (who just had the whole creepy always on xbox camera in your house fluff up,) and I'm supposed to feel safe?

Nevermind my email doesn't really get used all that much. My search history though. Yea. Scroogled comes to mind (thanks for that great story Cory. Hope it doesn't go that far.) It's like having your grandparents sitting over your shoulder watching everything you do. Except in this case when they do decide to mind what you're doing you can get all sorts of lovely parting gifts.

It's like some silly tinfoil hat thing that only crazy people are supposed to spout. I mean for the love of peat and pity this reads like some sort of crappy hollywood movie. Worse, the hollywood version would've given us a better powerpoint presentation.

What's unsettling isn't that it's just google that got targeted. Effectively everything I use online is covered under this (Microsoft services like Skype, Hotmail, etc. AIM. And then google's services (Youtube, Gmail, Blogger (Hint: It's what you're on right now.) Granted my blog is pretty much open anyway. Ditto for Youtube and Google+ but my email? My Google Drive? C'mon that's private stuff guys.

For now I guess there isn't much I can do because this prism thing has probably been going for years now and we're only just now catching wind of this (though what's paltalk?) In the meantime I do have to wonder if I'm on any sort of watch lists. It seems the data transparency only goes one way; government goons can see everything and we average schmucks get to see nothing.

Ever since Google gave me a laptop I'd been a very enthusiastic drinker of the goggle flavored koolaid. Now though? Time for reevaluation. Been using Chrome, chromeOS, Google+.... Fek man Granted I know i'm not important enough to warrant more than just another data point but still. This is stuff that's supposed to happen in Iran or China. Not here in America.

See this is why the Cloud will fall through  If you can't Guarantee the data is secure, and that is impossible with a big giant NSA sanctioned back door, then your bank records, corporate email, presentations  All of that is theoretically up for grabs. Granted it's one of those 'I doubt it would ever happen' things, but I'd always shoved aside talk of government back doors in the internet as being silly nonsense. After all it's just too gonzo to believe it's real. Right?  Meh. Time to start letter writing. As in actual snailmail letters.

Here's the address:
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

telephone: +1 650 253 0000
fax: +1 650 253 0001

Just a few thoughts. I never thought after email started getting more central to getting and keeping in touch I'd have to worry about properly formatted letters, but due to all those 'now write the people we went a field trip to go see a thank you letter' sessions is again proving useful. To my middle and highschool english teachers, thanks.

Now on a closing thought. Whoever leaked this? Thank you. You made the public aware of what's going on in a manner that's impossible to dismiss at risk to yourself and probably people you know as well as your future. You are a hero. You are the sort of person that should have a memorial put up in Washington for, set on a pedastle so we'll see the sort of person that we should look at and go 'that guy? He did good.' If your'ea woman don't be offended Just as awesome.

Now. I have letters to write to Google, My Congress Critters, and my ISP. Actually  Idon't know if my ISP is involved but they're the last mile. So I figure include them too.
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