Homophobes, Opinions, and DOMA

At Andrew's request, I'm reposting a response I made to a Facebook discussion.  I've omitted the poster's name for privacy's sake.  I am not the object of the comments, I simply felt it important to address what was going on with the post.

"I hate the 'hate word 'homophobia' which by the way is also considered a disease at the Center of Disease Control. I think its a word thats meant to demean my beliefs. So stop calling me a homophobe <REDACTED>. God designed the pattern and I believe in Gods design. However, I believe in your right to having it your way. I just look the other way so I don't get grossed out. (Just saying)"
  I was always under the impression that homophobia refers to an extreme irrational hate for homosexuals (which is why there's a medical definition for it as a disease). And a homophobe being the kind of hate spewing person that would be just as happy ranting about Jews controlling everything or how all minorities are terrible people. We all know that type of person and should call them what they really are; a real asshole.

This is different from somebody who simply has the opinion that marriage = man + woman. Though I am of the opinion that such an opinion is wrong, I will respect that it is your opinion. Calling you a homophobe would be wrong, and ultimately it is insulting as well as unproductive.

But because of how the Constitution has been enforced, putting such an opinion into law is unconstitutional because it legalizes a form of discrimination. So while yes, voters did say in some places that marriage is legally only between a man and a woman, those laws are legally no different than Jim Crow laws or the laws that forbid interracial marriages and have to be repealed. The Supreme Court and similar systems exist because there are times when the voters get something wrong.

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