Prism: What Do We Do Now?

Thank you XKCD for the image
So it's finally stopped being tinfoil hat the government watches you do family unfriendly things. Whatcha gonna do?

Nothing for the most part. Don't give them the satisfaction. Yes they can and are likely compiling lots of data points to represent your habits, possibly going so far as to make live transcriptions of your skype, aim, google voice, and other forms of communicating. But for now do nothing different.

Except this is exactly why having the world's internet traffic go through the US border is... well... Stupid.

Google/Microsoft/Whoever does not need to give direct access to their servers. They just have to plug in a widget the NSA told them to plug into the switches or routers or any of another dozen bits of hardware that'll just sniff along.

So what do you do? There is, for the time being, nothing I see you CAN do different because of how the internet is built. Go find a different Email service and bump your gmail down to a sign-up/spam box but this prism stuff? That's just what we know thanks to leaks. Used to be very nutty conspiracy theory territory but yea. They're data-mining the internet.

Until you abandon the infrastructure that allows this to happen you aren't going to escape. Nobody will want to abandon the global internet so a modern spin on the BBS of yesteryear isn't liable to fly. Ditto for Fidonet which is just BBS's talking to eachother to get messages around. The limits of WiFi mean you won't get much out of Pirateboxes even with the added meshnet feature (limit of like sixty or so nodes until it collapses under it's own weight.)

There are distributed systems that are full on anonymous that use people's boxes as storage for chunks of the network. However it uses the Internet as a transport layer and this sudden spike of highly encrypted traffic is going to generate interest if you ever get turned into a person where they open the file on you and start going over the data points.

For now do nothing outside of get everything you've got off internet based 'cloud' applications if you can and switch to a different email provider. Yes it's badwrong that it's happening but my parents are, until something can realistically be done, going about this as if nothing has changed. It isn't a 'head in the sand' approach since they know but like many non-technical people there's really nothing they can do until people who know what they're doing dig down in the bits and bang out something both robust enough to be attractive while at the same time secure enough to avoid this kind of fluff all in a package non-techie people can sit and use. Tall order.

I trust my parents. They aren't always right, but they aren't idiots and they know their limitations. Keep calm and carry on.

However also keep an eye out in case this escalates into something more. Donate to the EFF, switch away from Chrome. Write Congress, Google, and all. Keep in mind it's very likely the companies in the slideshow are being violated just like the rest of us since failure to comply is a bad thing... and the only other idea I have in mind is the NSA either having employees hired on these places, or strong-arming specific persons.

Wait. That's actually a lot to do. My bad.

I do not trust google to not be involved. However I do trust most everyone working there to be pretty well outraged by all the going s on. However i do find it interesting the slides state Google's involvement right when Chrome came out. I do believe a full code audit, not just of chromium but of all the code is in order.
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