So you can tell the Xbox One to Not Peak?

Well Kotaku reported today that microsoft's saying 'oh but you can tell the kinetic what to respond to and what to ignore all your privacy concerns don't exist. these aren't the droids you're looking for. Moving On.' Let's set to one side the condescending tone of the article and look at the news.

Either Microsoft either backpeddled on Everyone having a freakout, justified given the recent Verizon/Government deal, or they're lying. Claim is even though the kinetic doesn't have to respond to anything but 'xbox On' or you could even tell it to ignore that and use the archaic obsolete 'on' button.

There's a Hitch Hiker's Guide joke somewhere. I'm sure there is.

Given the sort of data-mining going on I"m sorry. A few years ago I would have said this is pure tinfoil hat conspiracy nut territory. Now? Now  I wouldn't half doubt Microsoft is either selling out snapshots of your livingroom; and get data on the brands of stuff you have, number of people that average in the room, etc for sale to advertisement. That alone is bad enough since i'ts intrusive and privacy destroying.

Headlines about Microsoft working with the NSA would... Not surprise me at this point. My comment about the 1984 big brother TV that watches you? Yea. I don't care how 'honest' these people are. All it takes is a leak, a slip, one bad egg or someone siphoning. Suddenly someone's watching you in a beanbag chair in your skivvies eating cheetoes.

but you have cameras on your phone, laptop, and all that.

All required by law to have a little recording light and in the case of phone cameras make a sound thanks to pervs trying to slip a peek under a woman's skirt/shorts/dress/towel/whatever. Sure The XboX camera will probably have the same light, but it's less noticeable when you're stuffing it in an entertainment center with lots of other blinky lights and personally. I don't wanna deal with it.

As for my laptop's camera? Hardware's disabled.
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