Thoughts on the Verizon-Washington wiretapping arrangement

The question is this: If you knew that by having access to your phone records, your movements, and could go through anything on cloud-based services terrorist plots would be stopped would you let the government do these things even if it meant amending current wiretapping laws?

No. My parents went through the threat of mutually assured nuclear annihilation with the soviet Union and their parents either directly fought or served in the home front in World War 2 to ensure we would be a free nation. Not Free except when we need to have a War on Nouns. Not Free except when stated otherwise. Free. You know America Land of the Free Home of the Brave? Those aren't just words in a song or a slogan.

We currently have laws in place that act as checks against police excesses. The whole Google Data Handing Over thing that got tossed about? Yea Google didn't say they were going to be uncooperative. They merely said they wanted a warrant, that little piece of paper saying that the people wanting to search had convinced a judge that they had enough cause to go raffling through a person's things.  It's one thing to have cameras set up in public; even though traffic cams don't seem to actually stop accidents (but they're great for catching red light offenders which is awesome for making money.) It's a whole 'nother thing to insist you're able to go through my phone conservations  the digital equivalent of my filing cabinet, my shopping history, and all.

Like I've said before it doesn't matter if a majority of law enforcement is honest and will not do one jot more than is required to catch whatever cartoony supervillain plot is going on (I know unrealistic but let's believe a majority of those in power actually have good intent.) All it takes are a few people wanting to abuse that power to show the system as broken, or ruin people's lives, or tie up millions in taxpayer money that could've gone towards education, fixing the infrastructure, or well Anything else immediately useful.

My families and a whole lot of other families of generations past gave themselves to make sure we could be free to do and express as we want. Even the Ku Klux Klan is allowed so long as they otherwise obey the law (they were represented by a Jewish lawyer no less because of that.)

The moment you go 'OK that group? They don't deserve the same level of Freedom* we do.' That moment means America is dead. Since if one group gets to be marginalized for the sake of the safety of other groups what means more groups won't be also marginalized.

I didn't speak when they came for the Brown People because they were not me.
I did not speak  when they came for the Gay People because they were not me.
When they finally came for Me there was no-one left to speak.
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