We Got Trolled Hard about this NSA stuff. Edit: No we Didn't

It turns out we got trolled hard and in the most epic way possible. The worst part of it is not that it was a hoax (a part of me honestly feels it might not have been.) The worst part is how easy it is to believe our government is capable of such things. Here. The United States of America. Supposed land of freedom opportunity where you can say what you want without having to worry about some spook showing up at your door at three in the morning with a black bag and the only mention of you going away is a bit in the paper about arrests due to whatever new terror law and hailing the local police for 'swift decisive action.'

So here's the whistleblower and it turns out that NSA Snooping is real. I'd seen an article on zdtv saying it's a bunch of smoke and mirrors about the Post doing a bunch of things with their article, but now that the leak has come forward to speak I kindof can't act like it's all trolling anymore and i don't like it. I would have made another post but i'm honestly sick of all of it. Right now there isn't much I can personally do so I need to find something to focus on I can manage to wrap my head around otherwise I let the terrorists in government win by keeping me too afraid to think straight.

The denials from Google, Facebook, and all fed into those fears. It's incredibly easy, as my stepdad has proven to me time and time again, to pick apart the language of a statement to find ways of saying what you hope the other person will hear while at the same time not outright denying what's gone on. Case in point: Google said they had no direct knowledge and hadn't allowed any sort of back doors into their servers. There's a thousand and one ways that could be true but the NSA still be given access, especially when you factor in Google Fiber.

It scares me that there's still this very calm and reasonable argument that could be made it's real even after proofs otherwise. The Washington Post requires access to get it's stories. It could have gotten a call saying if they don't make the whole thing look like a sham their access will be removed. All the stories and statements could be part of 'Oh Crap we got found out. Make it look like the entire internet got trolled.' This stuff is real, it's not a hoax, and though it might be a bit overblown it's happening right now.

Given the American Government's track record for the past thirteen or so years it's entirely plausible that this is happening. Nevermind the Verizon scandal and the giant datacenter the NSA is building in Utah. All that just feeds into these fears we have because it makes anything that comes next, like oh say the government tapping giant tech companies on the shoulder and telling them to install these widgets and it's for national security so shut up or go to gitmo, seem not just plausible but logical.

Why though? Why all the fear if it is ingrained in the core document that trumps every law on the books do we fear? Because corruption. Because we've seen those rights get eroded in the name of security. Because we're afraid, deep down, that our nation is just as hypocritical and jackbooted as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and all the other tinpot dictatorships we either already do or should be raging against.

So what do we do?

Same thing we would do if this were real. Go about your business. If it's real They (you know Those Guys. Them.) could be scanning theoretically enough of the internet to not matter where you turn to for service. Because of this threat, real or imagined, we see just how vulnerable and much an illusion our privacy is with the current infrastructure. We need something better. Something distributed so you don't have a huge bottleneck going through any one point or country so that the whole thing can be read. We need the old protocols, the ones made way back in the 80's like with TCP/IP and 70's with email, thrown out and replaced with ones that gear towards the threats of the modern web (Spammers, Governments, Terrorists, and identity theft.) This needs to be made a priority.

Explicit on the book laws, preferably constitutional amendments that reinforce the ones already there about privacy and freedom of expression, to keep this kind of stuff from happening. The trouble is for that to have any effect whatsoever the Patriot Act and other rights-removing 'emergency laws in respons to terrorist threats' need to be repealed. We elected Obama on the idea he would do these things. He even had enough people in congress to make that happen at one point yet didn't.

I don't care about Right. Left. Progressive, Conservative  It's not My Side vs.Your Side. We are One Nation. We need to stop fighting eachother long enough to start actually fixing our problems. No I don't care who comes up with the good idea. I just want it to happen.

"...don’t let fear of imprisonment deter you from speaking up and  fighting back. Silencing our movement is exactly what they hope to  accomplish with these targeted, politically motivated prosecutions. They can try to stop a few of us but they can never stop us all."  -- Jeremy Hammond

So. Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama.... What gives?
Pretty much what I've been screaming since Thursday.

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