XboX-One isn't Microsoft's Fault

Straight from Microsoft's Own Page.
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Let's be fair here. The graphic thing to the left: That's bad juju. Makes me, even if i had the money, not want to buy one of microsoft's new toys. Sony comes in says they won't require an internet connection and suddenly they're the solid gold white knight. Yet they haven't come down cleanly against the 'can't sell used stuff' DRM.

Why not?

Because the Publishers are the ones pushing for it. They've been screaming for years at how used game sales are hurting them (nevermind gaming has been one of the least hurt industries during the recession.) To be absolutely fair look at all the restrictions and apply them just to downloadable content. Steam's had that sort of thing going on for Years, though they'd smartened up and allowed you to only need to connect once a month after they saw people not liking that they had to connect to the internet just to play Hal-Life's single player campaign. Granted that still leaves people out in the cold if their internet is knocked out for over a month, but if that's the case there's more pressing issues at hand (or you're military which yea... Problem.)

The trouble is these sorts of restrictions also apply to physical discs, where it's traditionally been 'once you bought it you can do whatever you like.'

The kinect needing to stay on full time? Yea No. That one's all Microsoft's fault.

Test Markets didn't seem to like this slogan for the new Kinect.
Required Internet Connection
Camera that can't be turned off

Oh Crap. Microsoft just created the monitor/TV things from 1984. Yea no. I'm sticking with PC gaming kkthnxbie.

Seriously though  I've posted a lot of stuff about System Shock 2. Fourteen year old game. Still runs, albeit with some patching up to work on modern systems (to be fair it'd run without needing patching, it'd just be all quirky.) For that matter i could load Fallout, Doom, Wolfenstien3d, or if I really wanted to get oldschool and somehow had working disks from the 80's, load up dosbox and commander keen, the original test drive, Duke Nukem (the 2d one. Yes Dukestarted out in 2d) and buzz right along. Think about that for a minute. Modern 2013 PC could, with only a little help, still play games from the dawn of the home computer era.

Can Microsoft gurentee that five or six years down the road whenever the next XBOX comes out we won't suddenly see the servers go down and 'Oh hey that's a nice console you've got there. It'd be a shame if it were to suddenly stop working. Fortunately for you we have very reasonable trade-in rates for our new xbox.'

Look I'm not a 'PC Master Race' guy. but at this point I'd say stick with PC, load it up with Ubuntu (or whatever flavor of linux you want,) load Wine, Buy things from GoG or Steam (they have a linux client, but it requires minimum Ubuntu 12.04 to work. Sorry Debian. Sadly also most of the games in the steam library are not linux compatible, that might change in the future but for now WINE and the windows client is sortof the way to go.) I'd recommend going with windows 8 and either of the above options but at this point I don't like 8's interface and I don't like the idea of 'well I'm going to go with my computer! Microsoft's not getting my money!' Then whoever it is proceeding to boot into windows. Seems a bit hypocritical since Microsoft would still be getting some sort of reward.

Then again watch Microsoft have a 'revelation' a couple weeks before launch. Make big announcements. Put it in the commercials. All that they can afford since they're Microsoft. 'We listened. Xbox One is the console YOU helped developed because we're taking all that garbage you said you hated and getting rid of it' ...Except for one tiiiny little thing. We'll be so happy that the worst of the stuff got removed we won't mind a few concessions. 'It's only fair right? They came to meet us in the middle.' Except look at consoles prior to this upcoming generation. No limited number of installs. Online is only needed for... well multi-player aspects.

Sorry but I'm sortof drawing a line in the sand guys. Not interested in the game you're offering.

I'm gonna be over here playing Organ Trail (which also has a linux client... and there's a free flash version that acts as a demo for the full game.) Fun Times!
Yes i consider this fun. Yes that makes me an ubernerd. No I don't care what you think.

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