Kindle Worlds is Apparently Live

Kindle Worlds, an experiment Amazon is doing with electronic publishing 'user generated content' aka 'fanfiction' based on a select few settings they've secured the rights for, has gone live.
Current things i see works available to write for are:
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Pretty Little LIers
  • Bloodshot
  • The Foreword Saga
  • Gossip GIrl
  • X-O Manowar
  • Harbinger
  • Archie and Armstrong
  • Silo Saga
  • Wayward Pines
  • John Rain
No comment on if the selection is good or not, but it's better than what I'd originally known would be in. Just going off of what I'm seeing they have most genres covered instead of, as i'd originally feared, just the 'tween supernatural romance' genre and soap opera.

I don't like that you can't do collaborative works (IE only one person gets paid for a given work.) Nor do i like that you can't post free segments elsewhere but I can understand these. IT feels overly restrictive compared ot the 'post anything anywhere' attitude most people have about fan works. Plus Amazon is trying to play it careful. This is entirely new ground and they're not wanting to go with things that might irritated potential rights holders.

Things i would like to see them get the rights for.

  • General Hospital/Other Canceled Soap Operas: Because these old network shows were on for forty or more years and then Dumped. I'm sure there's people that see the reboot on Internet TV as nice. I"m also sure there are others that dislike the new direction. Why not encourage these people to write about where they think things should have gone, or about the time-skip?
  • Fringe: Because complicated scifi show with lots of people.
  • Star Trek: Oh come on guys. We already have established four timelines, three explicit one sortof implied to exist (Prime, Mirrorverse Prime, JJ Abrams, JJ Mirror.) Unlike with Star Wars the novels are generally not considered to be Cannon. That is to say they are not considered 'official' or 'count' if you're going by order of events. In other words Star Trek Novels are basically already sanctioned fan fiction. That is a lot of territory one could possibly cover. There's even, in the actual show, a setup that explicitly states there's variations of worlds without end. So in a sense this could be pitched as 'stories from across the multiverse' or something.
  • Star Wars: Just pull a Star Trek and require a disclaimer on each book/story/thing that it is not part of the Expanded Universe. Even have that as a potential carrot. If you can prove yourself here by contest or just consistency you get a chance at writing something that'll be part of the EU. Will it annoy fans? Yes. Then again so did the Vong, Jacin Solo turning Sith, The Prequel movies, etc etc. C'mon Disney. Do It!
  • Just about Any Game Franchise that hasn't gotten anything in the past five years: Because Why Not? There's plenty of creative games that air either obscure or were somehow gimped by bad marketing, something poor with the engine, or was actually a Bad Game but the concept is there and there's enough for a writer to work with on a respin of the concept. It'd be useful for generating buzz. Money could be made for the game developers/publishers to help turn an otherwise borderline concept into something profitable. You'd be seen as being good to the fanbase, and if somebody's works suck you can just handwave it as 'not being official so not needing to be paid attention to.' Best of all worlds.
Anyway that's not Everything I'd like to see Amazon carry. Hell I'd love to see Barns and Noble pick up on the concept if only because competition tends to be a good thing for customers.
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