Movies based on Books and What I Think

We all have been there either as That Guy or having to put up with That Guy. You know, when somebody complains that the movie was lamer than the book it was based off of. Occasionally I'm That Guy. Thing is often times I generally like the movie on it's own, or even rarely think the movie reached me better than the books did.

That's the thing I'm trying to get at with the rest of the thing after the 'click to read more' link; Books are not Movies and you need to adjust between the two since usually you can't cram every single detail from the book into an hour and a half (or even two or three hour) movie. After the fold I'm going to look at a few examples of Movies that are adaptations of other things and how they stack up. Mostly because I can.

Men in Black is an interesting case of an indie comic that got turned into a movie that got it's own cartoon show and books based on the movie. Originally it wasn't just an agency dealing with things too strange for normal respectable government agencies or local law enforcement be it Aliens, Lovecraftian Death Cults, Bigfoot, or Whatever. However I haven't read the comics so I'm only going off wiki so I've no real clue on reports about how dark the original tone was or if they originally killed witnesses instead of using future/alien technology to erase memories.  Given the movie was rated pg-13 I can see the neutralizer being gimmicked together explicitly so you can get away with not having the agency of keeping people safe from having to murder people left and right. I like the spinoffs and slight variations. The cartoons give us variety of creatures that had, at the time, been too expensive to properly do in CG. The books gave us expanded looks at the little details. Each compliments the other.

Another Comic-Turned-Movie is Constantine. More properly it's known as Hellblazer but the movie is called Constantine. I don't know much about the comic other than it's a blond guy named John Constantine that's British and does all sorts of insane things. The Movie isn't like the comic in that it's Keanu Reeves and it's in America so a case of being a distant adaptation that uses some of the concepts. I like the movie. I've read a few of the comics. I like them too but I treat them like they aren't the same setting or really have any interactions. That's the thing here when dealing with a movie that is very Different than the book. Remember it is Not the book. It is it's own thing. Enjoy it for what it is and move on. Interestingly enough it got a novelization that fits in all of the deleted scenes from the DVD and somehow makes it all work. So it's a movie based on a comic that got a book that expands on the movie. Again I like the movie for what it is; The Matrix with Witch-craft and Crosses.

I could make an entire post about Alan Moore's material getting adapted and or butchered (depending on how you feel about it) by the time it hits the big screen. Ditto for frank miller.  Personally I like the adaptations mostly because i can and do see them as distinct things. Yes League of Extraordinary Gentlemen could have been done better and the nemo car and magic size changing submarine could be all grumpy inducing but it was a 'fun' movie. Sin City and 300 are both good. Robocop I'm glad they didn't go with Frank's script if the limited run he did was anything to go by because this is after he'd gone crazy and into his 'all women are whores' period. Seriously some people need an editor willing to tell them that an idea is stupid and needs rewriting. Frank Miller is one of these people.

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