My thoughts on the 2DS

Has Nintendo lost their minds? A not-pocketable 'portable' that's only $30 cheaper than the 3ds. What's wrong here? OK let's back up a bit what am I talking about? For those that don't know Nintendo recently announced a version of their 3ds that's slightly cheaper than the 'normal' version.

Sure the name is 2ds to signify that the 3d function has been axed, which is good since there are a number of people like me that 3d simply doesn't work for, but that's not the biggest point here. Go look at any image of the thing or just look at the image I've got posted here. Notice the lack of hinges? This lack of foldability leaves nintendo with their first 'portable' console since virtua boy that you can't really put in your pocket.

To the whole 'but you can't stuff it in your pocket' argument I say 'So what? it's aimed at 5 - 9 year old's.' It isn't intended for the wider casual market and is more aimed at people that are rough enough on electronics that hinges would be a bad thing to have. Typically this is little kids but, as much as I like the DS/lite/i/xl/etc their weakest point on the whole are the hinges, if you want one and you aren't a smallfry don't feel shame for getting one to have around the house because you don't want to deal with things breaking. This solves that by simple fact it's an all in one solid case. As a side-effect of getting rid of the hinges and removing one of the speakers leaving it as a mono-sound system (You can still get stereo from the headphone jack) you save a little bit of money on buying one. Sure I personally think there should be a deeper savings than $30 but I'm sure the price will drop soon enough.

Now then what about the whole lack of 3d? While I'm sure there's going to be complaints over taking a backward step in functionality I have to say good riddance. I'm one of those people that 3d has never worked for and leaves me with headaches no matter if it's those stupid cyan/magenta lasses, those 'automated' 3d glasses for newer TV's or theatre. Does not matter it does not work for me so I see no real point. If it works for you and you like 3d then I'm sorry we'll just have to agree to disagree.

On the other hand I'd like to see Nintendo release a Wii-U controller with a better battery and releasing more non-gaming apps and try marketing that as a tablet.  Think about it for a moment. Nice feeling tablet that has built in gaming controls marketed by nintendo to people that want just a little gaming but also some functions the 3ds won't have. Plus if/when the Wii-U gets tration you could market this new tabletized version of the controller as something you can play on the go then when you get to a friend's house your profile data for all your wii-u games suddenly is there waiting. Plus hey it has hardware controls. Add a few e-reader apps and I'd be sold. Sure there's no 3g meaning when you arne't anywhere near wifi no internet, but in concept it's a good idea.
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