Star Trek Continues

I'm actually late in posting this but it's something I'd seen on youtube that I like. The original star trek only ran for a handful of seasons (I'm going to have to turn in my geek card because I can't find the exact number off the top of my head) then was not renewed because of how much it cost per episode.

Then it was picked up for syndication and just kept going, and then there was an animated version that was good (for the time.) Then nothing until Star Wars prompted a movie which was supposed to give us Phase Two but instead we got nothing until Next Generation.

A bunch of guys, Grant Imahara from Mythbusters being one of them, have decided to do a little fan project based off of the old original run. To be blunt I like what these people are doing. They're going with roughly the same quality visuals the original had. Sure Now you could do a whole bunch of it with CGI, or even make all the bridge blinky monitor things display more than static images but they've gone to great lengths to make it look as close to the original as possible.

As for the cast on the whole it's well done. Uhura I felt was weakest out of the lot, but I don't want to come down too hard on any of them. Kirk was good. Bones was good, and so was everyone else. Grant Imahara from Mythbusters plays Sulu and does a good job of picking up Mr Takei's role.

However it's nothing without a script is it? The characters play off each other well, the writing's snappy, and on the whole i want More from this.

It started out with a bunch of shorts starting with a slight extension to turnabout intruder and then a couple other little things. Then we got a full length episode featuring one of the original actors returning to play an aged and frail Apollo. It's good that they got a good start like that since it shows quite firmly they don't want to try outdoing the original but to pay respect to a series that got them started off in geekdom.

Thing of it is this all is technically illegal if paramount hasn't given them explicit permission to do this. Our current laws makes this, technically speaking, as illegal as someone selling bootleg DVDs out of a van. Granted Paramount would be stupid to shut them down because good publicity, but that's the thing that devils me here. I mean I could be wrong and they have permission but so far as i know this  is purely a fan made production.

I like it. Here is their home page:
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