Improving your Community is Selfish

Do I have everyone's attention? Good. Now let me restate my assertion; Improvement and Uplifting of the general standard and quality of living in a community can be done for selfish motives.

If the end result is lowered crime rate, a better educated workforce that sees higher employment in local corporate divisions/plants whatever that in turn see higher than average profits, and so generate more revenue, does it matter why a person supports this goal?

I would like to think that so long as the end result uplifts a general area then the reason behind supporting improvements shouldn't matter. Unfortunately given we are not in a perfect or even remotely nice world it seems selfish behavior seems to be more along the lines of 'I got mine, I don't care about the rest' instead of 'I'm getting mine and don't have to hire a private security force to keep my home safe, a team of accountants to find every tax loophole possible, and a team of lawyers in case I feel like suing somebody because i felt my ego was wounded.'

The latter seems to be less of a hardship to maintain leaving more time and energy to go look at other ways to spend your time and money. So, why is the former attitude more often found in the world? A study should be done on what sort of time/effort that currently goes into paying armies of underlings to secure self interests verses just simplifying health, taxation, bettering police and other social services.

I am not sure this study would find in favor of strengthening the public good verses 'I have to spend millions to find the best way of leveraging the system.' Maybe it's that these people don't feel that they 'win' unless someone else is clearly worse off and thus 'lose'.

Discuss, please.
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