My thoughts on Google+ Invading Youtube

The TL;DR version? I don't like it.

The longer answer is a bit more of a thing. Here's some background. I was given a computer by google at the tail end of 2010. I was a beta user for google+. To say that I drink the google flavored koolaid is a bit of an understatement.

However forcing google+ integration is a huge misstep on their part.

Unlike what pundits are still screaming Google+ is fairly lively. I use it to get updates and join discussions on relevant interests. It has George Takai, Will Wheaton, and BoingBoing there.

My problem is the current layout is needlessly complex and it bogs down on my hardware. A few updates back things were still a single column with trending terms/hashtags on the right side of the screen, you could maximize chat and it would give you dedicated space, and on the left side you had your options on community, games, etc.

Now the interface takes ages to load, scrolling is laggy, and the posts themselves seem to give maybe a line or two of text unless you have an image attached, then you get a couple more lines before it cuts you off. It's like Google went and decided instagram is a thing so we have to focus on pictures.

What I likedd about google+ in the beginning was a clean interface where you could read through as things happened. NOw it just seems too busy.

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