NaNoWriMo 2013 is Go.

It's that time of year again. No bets were lost or even made. Yes I'm crazy. I'm not new to the whole 'write a 50 000 word thing in a month' concept. I've done this before with different levels of success. If you haven't joined you can still make an account, log in, and have fun beating your brain against the wall. Thing is this year brought a few changes to the site and forums.

At first it's nothing big, but a series of 'small' changes that are making things a little nicer looking. The forums used to be dependent on html tags to make post changes and now they don't. You can click a button and get a listing of all watched threads instead of depending on an email notification that might or might not get really annoying depending on how many threads you watch and how often they update.

The word count has changed so you have to click on the thing to get the update field to pop up instead of it showing you right off which was a touch confusing since all I saw was 'update word count' and no field and yea I derped for a little bit.

New this year are official achievements. In Camp Nano there is a tradition of self-awarded badges for passing milestones, and this year's offerings are limited but given 'achievements' have been a thing in console gaming for awhile now? Welcome addition; little milestone notifications and 'hey I did that'. I'm not sure how complicated you can get considering the loose almost rules free nature of the overall challenge without having additional volunteers going through the forums and looking at everything... which is impractical. Still. Neat addition.

What am I going to do this year? Mostly try finishing a couple projects; an Engine Heart novel I'd started in July and only got partway through, and an originalish fantasy setting I'm trying to make not feel like 'Tolkien Ripoff World #9001'. There's going to be a lot of other stuff, crap mostly but most of nanowrimo is 'crap' writing. It's all about getting volume out instead so after i'ts done you can take the time and look through and occasionally find a gem or three you wouldn't have normally come up with since all the surrounding material is stuff you wouldn't have bothered writing due to being utter garbage.

The trick is even with as many years as I've spent doing this I still have trouble actually following my own advice and just relaxing. I'm not that great with keeping up with the google group, or even the forums. These places exist, and I'm glad for them. Always nice to know you're not going in alone.

Oh. Have a wallpaper. It comes in lots of sizes apparently.

NaNoWriMo2013 Wallpaper Calander

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