Doom turns 20, Now go punch a demon!

Fun fact; The armor isn't supposed
to have an exposed gut.
Doom is not the first FPS. Wolfenstein 3d isn't even the first FPS. The thing is Doom has been documented to the point it is probably the most well documented piece of software ever. Not most documented 'game'. Software. Period. Better commented and timelined than CBBS (the first bulletin Board,) Mario (who doesn't know mario by this point?) Windows, and so on.

The thing is I didn't actually play Doom until the late 90's and that was on a SNES. I knew of doom, and while I'd known of the controversy surrounding Doom but wrote it off as overblown scare journalism cashing in on Mortal Kombat (blood? OMG THE HORROR!) I played it in college when I had my own computer and even though I have a bit of a vision problem that would make latter FPS games hard for me to get into Doom was easy to work with.

The thing about Doom for me isn't getting to blow things up though. For me it's the fact in '96 Id Opened the source code, or at lest what code they could, for the Internet at large to play with. It's more complex than that and the road to modern source ports is a complex one.

Moreover there's a source port for anyone's interests ranging from simple limit removing to adding new functions that would appear in Quake. You might not like some of these engines, You might want to play it in it's original form.

Funny thing is Doom is still for sale. You can still buy one of the earliest and most influential shooters. It's been ported to everything from the NES (no, seriously,) the iPod classic (the clicky wheel one,) digital cameras, DVD players, Web TV, Consoles... and there's good reason it's called the most ported game on earth. It's practically law of nature at this point: Doom will be ported to it.

Happy birthday Doom. Twenty years and you're still getting sales.
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