Dungeon Keeper: Evil Is Now Mobile!

I'm pretty sure unless you're into 90s era PC gaming you won't recognise the title or image. For those that do remember the god game/RTS I have good news and bad.

In short this is a free game that keeps reminding you in subtle and not so subtle ways how much more awesome things can be if only you spend real money, the strategy is a ghost of its former self in attempt to appeal to the casual market, but I'm not quite able to put it down.

Get it here or not since it isn't out in North America yet (strange but it's out in Canada and Singapore.)

Even though it isn't gettable from Google play's store yet for those in the US it is findable, and once installed you're allowed to play with no warnings, nagging, or anything. EA didn't have to do that and could have gone 'you tried to get an app not for your area, account ban'. Instead, near as I can tell, you get a small bonus of pay to get currency as a thank you for being in the preview group.

My view will not be popular with long time fans, but I welcome the shift to casual. Yes I wish we had a full PC game that catered to us oldies but EA is playing smart by taking its snark heavy flip the script on good and evil franchise and made it work for the handheld market.

I'm sad you can't spy on creatures gambling away hard pillaged wages at the casino, and it keeps limiting what you can do by making you wait on timers for everything from room construction, trap placement, to even minion gathering, but what's there is still fun.

You just have to adjust your expectations to doing a few things, wait and come back later to do more, and so on. You can mine out green gems (pay currency) or steal from rivals during raids, so you're not completely out of luck.

I do like the colorful art style, and the mentor is either the same or whoever they got to voice the mentor does a very good imitation. Either way the humor is there and it does a good job of explaining the basics them gets out of your way.

Personal Verdict: I'm going to keep playing to see if it goes anywhere.

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