The Tablet And Me

So I've been away from blog for a time. No surprise there really. What is surprising is what I've been up to while away. Let's set renovations, holiday, and new years to one side. I got another tablet, and I aim to keep this one from breaking.

Specifically I have a nook HD to play with. Sure by now it's a little dated tech wise so won't be setting the world on fire, but it's fairly cheap for a fairly spiffy package and in short I've found myself using it for the majority of my casual browsing.

When it first launched I wouldn't have been interested due to being stuck with barns and noble's store and no credit card, which would have barred even the free apps, which is more than a touch annoying and self defeating. Fortunately barns and noble has given their potentially last tablet designed in house Google pay access, which opens the floodgates for potential use, abuse, and other shinanagins.

I could even, without rooting mind you, install the kindle app and read anything from amazon.

As a matter of who I am and the fact I can't leave well enough alone mine is rooted, but that's more a case of preference than need. To be truthful barns and noble gives you a perfectly good interface that works quite well, and I do miss their device specific reader. However compared to CyanogenMod 10.1 (android 4.2.2 based) the notification drawer and settings options are quite limited. On the whole though you don't need to root. As is plain stock it is quite serviceable and my complaints are minimum. They even, though without telling you how, give you a way to use it out of the box without an internet connection. Thoughtful of them.

Apps I use
Google+ (Its not dead!)
Firefox (with stalish and the midnight surf script running)
Twitter (sorta seeing the appeal now)
BlogIt (Using it right now)
listen (Plays the audio off any YouTube video in the background of other things. Handy because YouTube pauses when loses focus)
MukLuk (MUSH client. Think infocom games mixed with d&d and multiplayer. Super nerdy.)

...and an odd assortment of games I will talk about in another post dedicated to the subject.

Final Note
As an aside I am using the BlogIt app to write this post. It seems to work well enough but there were reports on the app page that it puts everything in one paragraph. I've taken steps to counter this but there is a chance the top i,mage is formatted wrong. If so I apologize and will fix it later.
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