I Found something to do with my Neocities Account!

Soooo.... Neocities...?

Hey does anyone here actually use neocities for anything? I ask because after the FCC throttle announcement I've heard little to nothing from the public at large. Ranted I've also been silent but i'm pretty scatterbrained anyway and no real thing focusing me on a static instead of blog or Google+.

Now I do, because the main site outside of 1d4chan to host Engine Heart's PDF's are down, and so far as I know only the main book is being hosted, leaving the minimods kind of dead in the water other than my copies. They're free, Creative Commons, and Viral is a nice guy. Pity the only email address I had was for the domain that doesn't exist.

My plan is to have write-ups on each as well as links to a couple notable podcasts of gameplay, the Google+ community, my book in epub and PDF format, and if anyone has any useful suggestions contact me!

Neocities.org. It gives ten megabytes of space! OK great not a lot, but if you're careful about what you put up and use of outside stuff you can get away with a lot. They're ad free and are trying to keep their domain sustainable. Plus, much to the joy of anyone that cares about archiving, they included an export function!

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