About today's Dungeon Keeper Server Maintenance

See this right here illustrates why I want an offline mode. It isn't that I don't trust your people. It's I don't trust online only to begin with. The news of Mythic shutting down and even before had me thinking 'what happens when this game is abandoned?' and the only answer I have is _'we are stuck with an app that has assets nobody can access and does nothing because a bean counter somewhere went _'well we can save x dollars if we shut this down.'_

I had even made a few suggestions on the dungeon keeper forums to the effect of _'charge $10 for an offline mode that's just the same maps, but between scenario moving still image' comic style cutscemes (such as where its static images that swap between two or maybe three frames and get slid in or around as needed.)'_ People would pay for it if there's enough there. Achievements, unlockables, maybe have a perk if you beat it the game gives you a few tracks to listen to on your phone. Granted it would be nice to have heroes to beat up, but that is another problem more on the tune of _'why are there no heroes even on the weekly endurance raids?'_

I realize it won't happen. Mythic is shut down and we should be, and are, grateful you're staying on to do mantinance for game and forum. It's just I can and have played both the original and sequel that are each a decade and change old (the original is 18, sequel is 15.) No server checks, no having to phone home, just install game and go.

This? Soon as the server goes down it didn't matter if you play for free or are a whale that spent a hundred bucks or more. Down means game cannot be played and it is useless data on your device.

_Where is the export function?_
- Jason Scott.

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