Direct TV's Rob Lowe is the new Chad

Anyone remember Alltell's Chad commercials? They would play up an attractive collected 'Chad' as their face, while at the same time portraying competitors as stereotypical nerds, and in the process made themselves look like douchbags by picking on the socially stunted. That sort of 'Bash the Other Guy' ad is back in the form of Direct TV's Rob Lowe. To the credit of whatever ad agency came up with this idea of, instead of having their hansom Mr. Awesome paired up with The Other Guy's loser, having variations of the same character paired together. This gets rid of the whole 'bashing some poor shmuck' problem, or at least in theory it does. However the 'painfully socially inept' Rob Lowe plays up every nerd cliche to 11 from Dork Voice, to Pants up to Nipples. All that's missing is the snort laugh and coke bottle glasses.

Personally while Rob is an improvement over Chad it doesn't address the real problem of ads that focus on belittling the competition rather than focusing on how great you are. In fairness Direct TV's 'Hopper', and 'World's Most Powerful Fan' ads fill that role quite nicely. So it isn't as if they are going full on attack ad and nothing else. I simply find the subgenre of 'bash and degrade' off putting enough I don't want whatever you're selling. I can't be the only one that would rather companies focus on the positive. There's too much negative in the world for me to feel anything other than distaste for companies that bank on it to sell themselves.

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