Gopher + Neocities ftw?

Email/suggestion I had sent to neocities. Mostly because I can and I think Gopher still has a place in the world. Yes it is sorta piggybacking off of their name and momentum, but I dislike existing solutions and like going the simple route if at all possible.

I realize it's a bit outside of your original purpose of a GeoCities workalike with a modern spin, but Gopher takes even fewer resources to handle. Unfortunately the best real way of doing more than passively browsing is


Thing is shell accounts? Having to rely on still existing veronica servers for search? Gopher really could provide a good way of getting information through with next to zero bandwidth use due to it being markup language and text. Add in a search routine, if only within neocities and links to existing services at sdf and floodgate and you have a reasonably good way of getting around problems that come from not just bandwidth caps in spite of ever increasing speeds (you get to hit that cap five times faster now!) But also to deal with keeping community in spite of potential for net neutrality going out the window (getting throttled isn't nearly as big of an issue when your site is maybe a couple dozen k of text and links.)

Yes it's boring to look at, but might provide a good tool to add if it isn't going to tax your staff to patch in. link:

Gopher even has android/iOS/java2me clients along with a Firefox extension. Sadly chrome nolonger supports it, but the fact it has browsers for mobile makes it useful for referencing.

Phlogs, gopher hosted blogging:

Project overbite, modern gopher clients:

My annoyance is at how out of date the android client is, but the source code is there if people want to try forming their own version.

Wiki article, also has software links for clients and servers:

I hope this will at least be considered. However given it's been awhile with no response, I somehow doubt it.
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