On Ross's Game Dungeon review of 'The Last Stand'.

Ross, maker of Freeman's Mind along with other internet goodies, reviews 'The Last Stand'series of flash games, and provides some color commentary on the ever increasing annoyance levels of always on gaming, and micro transactions.

OK, fine, this is more my thoughts on the side rant that happened partway through the video since I only have a netbook and can't really play the games themselves. Seriously. Ross has a setup that let's him play Crysis. I have an atom based netbook. Adobe, get with the times and make flash stop sucking. They look like fun games, or at least the first two look fun. Give them a Try?

I'm someone who has found enjoyment with the mobile version of dungeon keeper and even I'm agreeing with what this man says. Always on gaming means you are playing a borrowed game. Mario? Nintendo's mascot that first showed up in Donkey Kong? Yea if I have a working Nintendo and a donkey Kong cart I can play that right now. Ditto with dungeon keeper, system shock, star siege, and so on. Games that require a connection tend to die after a handful of years due to waning popularity and changing technologies.

Take Tribes 2. Game lasted til Tribes Vengeance happened and vevendi pulled the master server. It's only thanks to a fan made extension/patch 'Tribes Next' we have options. Granted Tribes 2 is kinda dead fifteen years after it came out, but it helps me make my point. Game had a lively community til the company that ran the servers killed it for their new product.

There are online games that don't suffer this problem such as doom, quake, phantasy star online (If you patch it to point to schthack's server, or one someone else has tossed up,) and there's bound to be plenty others. Of course what incentive do the studios have? By this point they have your money and have moved on, or closed down. I'm not saying online gaming is inherently evil. I'm just saying if a game is only playable with an internet connection you are renting with maybe a hope down the line server software falls into community hands, or can be hacked together by the diehards.

Again, I am reminded of Jason Scott's question. where's the Export Function?

Happy Halloween guys.

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