My Thoughts about the Raspberry Pi 2

Amazing all the things people come up with when they can get a computer they can afford to be a bit reckless with. Well that is going on the idea you can get a raspberry pi 2 since they seem to have been out of stock almost as soon as they were announced.

$35 for something that isn't too far removed from a decently specced cellphone's computer and with a large community of tinkerers and people with far too much time on their hands. Sure u have to provide your own cables, case, and monitor, but it hooks up to a modern TV with HDMI, an old TV with component cables, and if the thin won't boot just put a new SD card in, or worst case, buy another one.

Ditto for when the next iteration rolls 'round two years from now. Unhook everything, pop new thing in, go about your way.

I like the concept of these little things, and judging by all the 'me too' barebone boards out there, it seems there's a market.

Of course the first raspberry pi was less powerful and judging by YouTube reviews was a bit too pokey to be used as a general computer. Didn't stop people from tinkering and finding plenty of uses (including acting as a controller for beer brewing.) But with this iteration, it seems like you could actually get heavy lifting done.

Pretty sure there's limits and restrictions going on, since at its heart the thing has more in common with your cellphone than desktop, but still.

It makes me happy whenever new uses get found for the little thing.
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