NeoCities Responds to my Request for Gopher Support

A few months back, right around the time NeoCities Upgraded their UI I'd emailed them about the idea of adding support for Gopher.

What is Gopher:

I finally got a response today. On the one hand 'what took them so long.' However on the other 'small team having to constantly keep up with the wider world, they are constantly slammed.'


Hey, Kyle here (from Neocities).

I may be one of the remaining few people on the internet that has used Gopher before. I used it a long time ago when I was really young (12)?

There was this Mac Classic at my middle school that was sortof abandoned in the corner of a commons area. I was told that they didn't use it for anything anymore, and I could pretty much do anything I wanted with it. So the idea of having my own computer to play around with was pretty exciting, so I started experimenting with what I could do with it.

I really wanted to get it online, so I found a weird old 2400bps modem designed for it (well, it was designed for a newer Mac but it had the same interface) and plugged it in. To my amazement, it actually worked. It was slow, but it worked. So I had it dial in to the ISP I used at home.

From there, I found some 3.5 disks that had random internet software on it, and installed them. One of those programs was a Gopher application, so I plugged it in, and connected to some Gopher servers being run by the University of Minnesota (the Gopher protocol was invented there).

It was kindof neat, but even then, using Gopher was kindof anachronistic.

Neocities is trying very hard to not be a nostalgia machine. We want to express that we believe making your own web site is not nostalgia, but the future of the web, and that improvements to browser technology has made this possible.

So putting in Gopher support would be fun, and I would love to do it, but we're very time crunched right now, so we need to focus on the features and improvements that matters to most people. You can get an idea of how busy our schedule is here, we've got a lot of ground to cover:

So unfortunately, we won't be able to support Gopher on Neocities.

My recommendation would be to make a site that is designed for use with Gopher. If you think that Gopher should be re-introduced to a modern audience, be the change. That's exactly what Neocities is trying to do with making sites. There's no reason you can't do the same for Gopher. :-)


Not the response I wanted to hear. However it is one that clearly articulates what and why. I respect that and really hope people five them a shot.

Speaking of if you want to make your own site from scratch they will give you twenty (20) megabytes of space. Is that a lot of space? Not if you load down with flash, sound, etc. However for text and images with links to YouTube, lastfm, and other sites all managed by CSS you can get a lot prettier than things were in the 90s.

All from a company that believes in net neutrality and will try standing up for your right to have your say. So give them a shot:

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