On Writing

I've had to put up with over a decade of silence on my writing, not just from friends and family but also publishers and proofreaders. People telling me that it isn't any good would be different. That would mean people actually looked. It's the silence that hurts worst since months of work and the world at large just moves on.

This isn't me saying people should pick these things up if it's not something you care for. I m simply stating what is. Yet even with all that I'm still willing to step back in.

You have to be a little crazy to do this, or in my case a lot crazy. There's some kind of statistic I'd seen years back stating you have to write and sell three or four books a year to make what amounts to minimum wage. One of my favorite authors, Cory Doctrow for those curious, does talks and lectures and for him the books are more to get new people to know who he is. Same thing with a lot of other well known writers really.

So I am under no illusions at writing the next great american novel or getting rich off of this. It's hard and discouraging, but it's something I do. Don't ask why, I can't give a good answer, but I do. It's just incredibly slow going.
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