Pallet Buildings

An interesting trend I'd been seeing through the internet. The basic idea behind all this is to take wooden shipping pallets, break them down, and reuse the slats in other projects. Personally I think a lot of these look nice, others less so.

What I see in the favor of these type of projects are how many pallets there are. Theoretically you could gather from different places. Sure if you're going after discarded you might only get a few slats out of any one pallet, but it all adds up, especially if you have tools to cut down the damaged bits to use elsewhere.

The argument against is cost of gas to get pallets you're going to have t spend time pulling apart, then taking pliers to make sure you got all the nails. Plus there's the fact you have to make sure any you get for these kind of projects aren't treated with chemicals.

I dunno. If you have the tools and time but can't afford the wood, it's worth a shot. The concept I like. It's just I don't know how much you really save.

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