Tennessee Suing the FCC over allowing Municipal Broadband


TL;DR: IThink This Is Stupid.

Things like this make me unhappy. The Ban on Municipal broadband/internet providers was stupid and removing that ban let's communities go 'you will either give us better service or we will take our money and do it ourselves.'

Capitalism unfettered leads to monopolies, and monopolies unopposed have historically gone the route of least service possible because their customers have no options.

Competition is inherently a good thing, and communities naturally will want to not mess up if they're going their own way.

So please, I don't want people to think it's useless to speak out. Call your representatives. You will get either an automated message or some underpaid intern. Be polite. Be on point, and tell them that you support the FCCs decision to allow municipal broadband.

Who knows, they may well not care. Thing is they just might if we're loud enough. I don't care if you like the people in office, because I don't. I just want people to spread the word and make calls.

The internet is nearly as essential for modern business as electricity and water. We cannot afford to continue being behind the likes of Romania and Estonia in terms of internet connectivity and speed.

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