Thoughts about a Final Fantasy Record Keeper Sequal

So DeNA has apparently hit a gold mine with Record Keeper. Not only have they gotten a very vocal and large fan base, but they also did the amazing task of making the in app payments thing tolorable. Are there things we dislike? Yes of course there are. After all there is no real story in a franchise that other than Final Fantasy 1 has been all about deep compelling stories (and even FF1 had a story and NPCs.) The fact at every point you hit a button it calls the mother ship. Then there's the, frankly insulting, relic drop rates. I could go on.

Even with these issues this game, especially for what it is, has been very fun. Still, it seems like a lot of work for a mobile game to sit and condense everything into getting everything redone in a fairly final fantasy 6ish form. Maybe I am alone here, but it seems like they might be well served by making a more traditional final fantasy using these assets.

However it would still need to be optimized for a mobile market. So this is what I propose for the mechanics side of things.

To be blunt I dislike using touch controls as a D-Pad. So let's take a page out of final fantasy tactics. World map with dots you can tap onto go places. Like with knights of pen and paper if you tap on a dot that has dots between it you have to go to all dots between (however unlike in knights of pen and paper I am in favor of largely leaving it random on if an encounter is triggered if that dot is not a town.)

In towns you would have your Inn/Magic/Armor/weapons/Item shops. In addition to these you might have a 'bar' or 'academy' or other site specific places where you get more story bits and or side jobs.

Cutscenes can still happen via sprites, much like how old school final fantasies did. The above system mostly is to get around the issues of having to slide thumbs on glass. So you enter an the next story segment (|entering town/selecting a menu option in town, etc) and it shows your party leader/story important characters interacting in a setpiece area. I would prefer these set pieces use backgrounds that can double as battle screens if you cleared away object sprites and the like, but that might not be the most efficient way.

Personally I like the idea of breaking up what people can do, but this return to ff1's number of uses system is… Irksome. It wouldn't work for a proper story. So while giving cloud elemental blades, sephiroth black magic, and all I want it to be more like other final fantasies p. Sure it's interesting to have to craft magic from found materials and equip them according to strategy, but having MP would be nice. Bit out to lunch on how synergy would work except maybe going with what a lot of us first thought and pairing people with gear from their world giving appropriate boosts.

I like record keeper's having you walk between battles. Dunno why. Neat little detail.

Speaking of. I like the star system and crafting/fusion/strengthening for equipment. So having that system carry over would be great.

I want this to be totally offline. No calling the mother ship. No stamina. No relic draws. This would mean charging for it, but I could see charging $6 for it. After all that's what minecraft costs. Ditto for shadowrun returns/dragonfall. That seems like a fair price for the market.

OK I lied about totally no online aspects. I want people to have some carryover from Record Keeper. Something along the idea of any unlocked characters being obtainable (say finding sephiroth and convincing him to join/keep cloud from killing him if you have him in record keeper, or if you got Warrior as a first week promo he's in a town and joins your party.) On the fence on equipment and experience. On the one hand I want people to be able t carry any fie star gear over. On the other it would break things.

I have no idea if anyone else would care, but I figure share my thoughts and hope I'm not alone.

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