ATT getting Fined $100 Million

To all ATT customers.

If your bill goes up it is because ATT has been caught throttling 'unlimited' data connections, which goes against the FCC's net neutrality and transparency regulations. ATT has thirty days to respond and currently faces a 100 Million Dollar Fine.

Expect them to spin the FCC's ruling by acting like they are the victim here when all they need to do is what they advertised in the first place.

Put my fears another way. Big Guy is caught being skeevy about something by an even bigger guy. Big guy is about to get hit in the chest. So odds are big guy is gonna pick up little guy who he's been shaking down to take the hit instead, then pull out more money from little guy's wallet just because at that point why not?

Just as a heads up guys. Figured all of you deserved a bit of notice on who to get angry at when you see new expenses.


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