Microsoft Office 2016 Insider Preview

I'm a bit Conflicted here guys. On the one hand I've been using Openoffice, Abiword, and the like for over a decade because, to put blunt, I've got more immediate needs to spend my money on. Then there's the fact Microsoft has a history, or at least had, of being fairly anti-open software and MS Office not playing well with competing office suites.

Thing is like it or not Microsoft Office is sort of the standard everything else is measured against. Open Office, Libre Office, Whatever. The big questions tend to be 'Can I import my microsoft stuff' and 'Can microsoft read this?' So time to give this beast a try to see what happens. Windows 10 has been surprisingly easy on my 2007 desktop. So why not?

It's free for windows insider users. So download it. Try it. Just don't get surprised when they want to charge an arm and a leg for you to get to keep using it.

Edit: It just finished installing. Presentation is slick, immediately wants to tie into your Microsoft account (same account it pesters you to use to sign into windows with.) With this being an insider preview that is a non-starter, and there are bound to be similar issues. However, thankfully, there is still the option to input a product key. Use of the insider product key gives you 150 days to use the thing. Honestly though? Just from a few minutes of clicking around, on my system (three gigs, intel integrated processor, dual core) I wouldn't bother using this without some serious resource management improvements. As soon as I started word up. Everything else slowed to a crawl. Everything. Libre Office doesn't have this problem and Open Source is often dinged for always feeling incomplete or being inefficient.

Here's hoping you improve guys. Shouldn't take a quad core with eight gigs of ram to do the same thing that I did on a 486 with maybe two megabytes of ram.
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