My Thoughts on Windows 10

It's Here and it's surprisingly not terrible.
I've actually been in the Insider Program since early May and have, by and large, enjoyed the new operating system. Granted my hardware is outdated (a 2007 HP Dual Core with integrated graphics) but the upside to that is other than the wifi dongle I've been using everything's worked out of the box just fine.

Gaming has been a bit of a headach but that's purely because integrated graphics tends to be crap. On the other hand my needs have been few, so no media center work, or fancy networking problems, or anything of that sort that might trip windows up. I don't know if this is typical use, but for me the operating system has worked just fine.

For those upgrading I suggest going to the Windows 10 Subreddit. I know opinions of Reddit arevaried especially in the face of recentish problems with their CEO stepping down after one of their mods for the 'ask me anything' sub left but, well, it's a good collection of resources.

For those that don't want to visit Reddit here is a quick list of tips and tricks as gathered from the top post:

Again. I didn't make that list. I'm simply trying to make it visible especially for those that can't Reddit. Granted several of the links go to reddit threads, but better to know a thing exists and so can be asked about than to fear that you are experiencing a totally unique freak problem or have an out of the blue request nobody else wants.

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