Doc Hollywood: Good and Bad Medicine

This is more a rambling thing than a real review, and to be honest I would love CinimaSins to tear this movie apart.

I'm going to be completely fair here. Other than the cringe-y 'welcome to small town nowhere cityslicker' the movie actually has a lot of charm to it. The whole thing takes a guy who's bought into the 80's 'must be a bigshot at all costs' and reminds him why he went into medicine was to help people more than the dollar signs. It gives the guy character and shows the value in getting to know the people you take care of, and that success means nothing if you can never stop to enjoy what you have.

The problem is the message of the movie apparently is Fox's character didn't have to go to medical school at all, just learn all this backwoods country bullshit, and getting told how wrongheaded and stupid he is following modern medical practices.

During the 'welcome to the country' montage where everyone's going 'well the old doctor knows better, I want to see him, why aren't you doing it like he does it?' and basically every little decision comes off like the movie is trying to go 'look how flustered he's getting at these people telling him he's an idiot.' It gets to a point where he gets snappish at the nurse because a kid comes in with apparently a heart problem that needs surgery. The elderly doc pulls in just as the kid's getting rushed out, talks down at Fox like he's overreacting and does some kind of country voodoo with a sprite and suddenly kid who by what basic diagnostics were on hand (which was a stethoscope) and Fox's knowledge pointed at 'take kid to place that has actual equipment.'

I hate this sequence because it, again, paints it like 'why did you go to medical school? All it takes is a little homespun wisdom and glad handing and you'll do fine.' Nope. Those years in medical school were a complete waste of time.

Fortunately the movie does recover pretty quickly from that sequence and becomes an interesting bit of introspection, romance, and 'finding the groove you lost.' However that entire fish out of water run just makes me not have fond memories of this movie.
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