So, GCW Zero is Back on Sale

This thing is not android based, has a TINY resolution,and has no major game studio behind it.

However I am totally jawdropped at this thing. Why? The resolution may be small, but it is the right resolution for the material it plays (old things and things that want to look old.)

It is completely open hardware so if you want to make a game for it, Do It. No secret sauce, no black boxes. The toolchain is free, and it comes with accelerometer, wifi, and a nice amount of buttons.

Unlike the OUYA it isn't trying to go 'We are The Thing.' Instead 'Hey we exist, we're a tinker toy. What you see is what you get.' Also unlike OUYA it didn't go to its kickstarter with just renders and mockups. They had playable working units with full games to play.

It's $150 from Thinkgeek. There are other stores, but frankly if you're in the US Thinkgeek is your best bet. If I can ever get my money situation sorted I want to get one, because let's face it. I'm a massive 'retro' and open source nerd. This thing offers some nice side functionality like music player, alarm clock, and is open enough if someone wanted to Go Gonzo with it, they can.

Does it have problems? Yes. The guy that did the kickstarter had massive communications problems. The battery is wired into the board (though there's a way to give it a proper connector.) There is no company backing it so you're dependent on emulation, open source, or ports that depend on you providing the data files. The resolution isn't quite enough for some games that would otherwise be great to have. Not sure if the HDMI Out is a thing yet or not.

Yet even so, I still love it. I'm glad it's back in stock.

Get it now at Thinkgeek for $150.
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