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Otherside Entertainment has left links on their site that fans have gone through the source code on revealing that at some point in the future they will release System Shock 3. Because of this I used the Contact Form on their site to leave my thoughts on the matter. I share this now and hope others will also contact them to leave their thoughts.

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Hello. I realize all of you are generally going to be fairly busy what with the underworld project and now System Shock 3 hitting the mainstream outlets as being a thing plus other projects, however i felt the need to ask a few questions about System Shock 3.

This is more a request since I remember the early days of System Shock 2 before proper tools existed to swap between fan missions and we weren't sure on how to properly do mods, and the level editor was crash happy.

If you release tools to the community at large, and I sincerely hope you do, these tools will play nice with consumer hardware that the game will run under and not for one reason or another require beyond high end specs for simple level editing or somehow be gimped in what can be accomplished or any of a thousand things.

It is a personal philosophy of mine that part of why Doom got so popular so fast was the customizability. I want Shock 3 to have a good solid level editor so that we can make our own things and additions and, if absolutely necessary, fixes to whatever gets out the door. I don't want 'oh well the fans can fix it let's halfass it and call it a day.' I just want an editor in place so the one or five geniuses in the shock community like Cristine to go absolutely nuts and make new single player experiences.

Single Player. I feel that's the watchword here. Yes it would be nice to have multiplayer that isn't going to bug out and just collapse but System Shock at its roots has always been a haunted house in space. It's you fighting an environment and presence that does not want you there all while you find the remains of people who weren't so lucky and logs about their final moments (or how things got so bad.)

I'm sure you have already gotten a flood of 'HERP DERP HATE CONSOLIZATION!' Thing is... done right a streamlining of the UI would be a huge benefit. Granted there's a fine line between streamlining and removing functionality but I do not feel having to play freaking tetris with my gear just to make a new thing fit is helpful to any sort of immersion.

Lastly, just as a feature suggestion, and I'm not sure if this CAN be done given the timeline you're liable to be on. Any chance at being able to repair robots, build barricades, set turrets, and the like? I just have this vision of you going through and slowly expanding a bubble of safety and relative security all while SHODAN/Terrorists/The UNN/ Triop/Whoever sends people in to counter-hack your newly rebuilt/refurbished turrets and robots so you have to worry about them going back under enemy behavior (Not like... constantly but every now and then it being a thing.)

Finding magazines and software that gives you the knowledge on new schematics and upgradde paths for your weapons, your drone's weapons, Armor upgrades. I swear the nanite based economy of the second game lends itself hugely to the idea of BUILDING. Yes it will be seen as 'oooo you're trying to copy fallout 4' and to that I say 'no. we're borrowing elements from minecraft!' It bugged me that you couldn't mod the recycler to chew weapons apart or eat organs or wave it on objects in the world that aren't part of the level geometry to eat those and then use your newfound nanite pile to add mods to your armor or make the grenade launcher able to fire chemical canisters at people....

Sorry bit ambitious there.

Kinda hoping Rebecca from the end of Shock2 is our main character and she has to deal wit hthe fact she has shodan both whispering in her head and having taken over the research facility she got quarantined in along with echoes from the Many screaming at her alongside human survivors.

There's a system shock 2 mod. System shock Infinite. Get someone to play it please. It's a nice respin on the story of shock2 and it SERIOUSLY does an awesome job at giving you a better ending, sense of scope, and even answers 'how the hell did Beta Grove get out this far' It was made in system shock 2 by the community and it is... It isn't perfect but a lot of the voice actors bailed at one point or other and the head banana doesn't speak english natively. Still. It is a great fan-attempt at fixing errors.... It also gives us back the 'proper' cyberspace levels where you fly around.

Seriously go play it. Go guys learn from it. Steal whole cloth (but credit) any elements you like.

I want this to happen. My financial situation right now is a bit derp but I intend on giving you money to make this game happen and not suck.
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