Ross's Game Dungeon: Darkspore

I'm not sure really what to say that the video itself doesn't cover. This starts out as a review of a game with meh gameplay but great visuals. Then it turns into a call to action to try doing something about the fact EA keeps killing its games. I shall restate that. EA, A Game publisher, is killing off the ability for people to play games they publish.

Ross's call to action is pretty nonsensical in that he wants people to focus on employees work addresses only. No going after individual people both because that's harassment so jail time would be involved, and because people come and go all the time in a corporation and the corporation won't care.

If I had my old sega genesis I could dig Madden '96 out and play it. I could dig out my old copy of Test Drive and play anytime I like. Same with dungeon keeper. Now? It isn't such a guarantee that we'll be able to play games we grew up on ten or twenty years down the road. It's why I kept calling for backups of things on the dungeon keeper mobile forums. As soon as profits seem to sag and there's no real reason to keep the thing going, the plug gets pulled with no discussion and often times zero fanfare.

Chances are? Nobody'll care and nothing will get done. Thing is as gamers this is important to fight. Sure it's not as important as world hunger, the environment, political corruption, and all, but it's important enough to at least take a stab at so looking back we can say that we at least gave it the best possible try. I don't want twenty years down the line renting games to be the norm.

Rented games on hardware we're not allowed to open that all goes away in ten year cycles (if that) and us thanking the corporate overlords for migration tools. I don't want that.

"...We fight rather to keep something alive than in the expectation that anything will triumph."
- T. S. Eliot
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